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Muslim Academics in Sweden (in Swedish Sveriges Muslimska Akademiker) is an association for college/university students and graduates in Sweden.

Currently we have divided our activities into three different projects:

SMA Summer Camp

The SMA Summer Camp (sometimes referred to as the SMA-APIUM Summer Camp) is a series of courses in Islamic Sciences held in collaboration with Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More information about the Summer Camp can be found on the Summer Camp Portal.

For additional information about the SMA Summer Camp, please contact us at summercamp[AT]muslimskaakademiker[DOT]se.

SMA Academy

The SMA Academy offers courses and lecturers in Swedish and English. Courses and lectures are announced on the site as they are confirmed.

For additional information about the SMA Academy, please contact us at academy[AT]muslimskaakademiker[DOT]se.

SMA Society

The SMA Society project includes the Muslimah project, which involves a website to encourage Muslim women to express themselves and also a Women-only conference to be held annually.

The SMA Society project also includes a website with general information for muslim students and researchers in Swedish universities or university colleges.

For additional information about SMA Society or other matters not regarding SMA Summer Camp or SMA Academy, please contact us at society[AT]muslimskaakademiker[DOT]se.